Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Whaa...I have been lazy and didn't feel like blogging. Good god, Christmas made me super broke! Oooohweee! Awwwh. Christmas Eve was so damn stressful! I will not blog about what happened becaus though I only have 2 followers if anything were to happen, well, the shit is going to hit the fan.

Anyway, my neices Gao Nou and Gao Hli slept over and I did their hair so pretty on Christmas. We made cookies at my brother Thai's house and then headed over to my brother Hli's house for our Christmas get together.

Gao Nou wanted a flower in her hair but I couldn't find a flowe so I took 2 napkins and put it together. Hey, it was adorable!

Bean Sprouts, Lime
and cilantro/green onion.

Basil, my FAVE

My dish...with slightly burnt cheese. =P

We made pho at my brother's place and I made this pasta dish cause my sister's pho can be inconsistent. She's still trying to figure out what is the best mix of ingredients. I was very vocal about her NOT adding rock sugar this time.

Oh, did I mention that pretty much everyone got a little tipsy, high feeling. Yep. Vodka and beer. Nastiest combination ever.  

Monday, December 27, 2010

What Grinds My Gears

     Aights son. I'm listening to some George Strait songs right now and I'm feeling a little melancholy. I know, I know. Go to sleep, Ym. Why are you awake and feeling melancholy. Well, I was going to blog about Christmas but I will do that in the morning. But, I just kept thinking and thinking and thinking and I guess it's really bugging me. I know it shouldn't, it's petty and childish but I can't help it.
    It just gets to me when I am the after thought before I even get a thought. I mean, really. I'm annoyed that it's only convenient for them to come over, drop by and say hi when they need something from me. A ride, some one to eat out with.  But the minute they manage to find another person, mostly a guy or some other person they jump at the idea and leave without so much as an explanation. Oh well.
    Idk. I keep clinging to the past. When we were children it was different. Who we are now and who we are then are two separate persons. I can't expect our lives to follow the same paths as it did some 10-12 years ago. It just hurts more because of the past. I guess I'm just tired of always being there for them when in all honesty, it doesn't seem to be appreciated. I guess I will just have to re-prioritize my life and the people in it. Family is family but family has many different meanings.
    I feel petty but I really don't think I will be showing up at their house any time soon to help them do things the next time they do an event.  They haven't even stepped foot in this house for many years.

Anway, sleepy. G'night.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LPT Christmas Get Together

LPT Secret Santa exchange today. It was super fun! There was tons of food. I'm surprised that the sandwich I bought even got eaten. I couldn't finish mine so I ate the meat and cheese and veggies and the soft part of the bread. Less chewing. I'm going to have to steal pictures from the girls since I forgot my camera.
Yeah, see that HUGE thing?! Hahaha. We played LPT Christmas Jeopardy ala Christi. Might I add that I kicked ASS and Mas won! GO MAS! We played charades but we lost. Ours was defintely WAY WAY too easy. LOL. Then we opened presents and I got Burberry Brit from my secret Santa, Mai Yang. Thanks MY! Lurve Ya!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12:19 AM

It's currently 12:19 AM and I feel obsessed. I've really got Mark Prin fever. I think I am in love. But I say that EVERY few months. LOL. But just LOOK at him!

Can you really blame me for being obsessed? He starred as the Pra'ek in Ngao Rak Luang Jai with Nadech and Mint N. He was adorable then but as he matures...omona...=) Then he went on to star in the 4 Hearts of the Mountain lakorn and his story ,Pathapee Leh Rak ,with Mint C. just ended a few weeks ago, much to my happiness.  Don't get me wrong as much as my love is for him, I cannot forgive the bad script writers and the bad director for cheating my baby out of his lime light. I didn't love Ngao Rak Luang Jai (or is it Duang Jai?) either but I blame it on the bad script.  Both lakorns had such great potential and it was killed because the writers didn't know how to execute the story.

So, here I am. Feverishly looking for every little bit of news and pictures I can find of him. A little sad. I've never believed myself to be a "fan girl" but he's really turning me into one. Ah. Celebrity love.