Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LPT Christmas Get Together

LPT Secret Santa exchange today. It was super fun! There was tons of food. I'm surprised that the sandwich I bought even got eaten. I couldn't finish mine so I ate the meat and cheese and veggies and the soft part of the bread. Less chewing. I'm going to have to steal pictures from the girls since I forgot my camera.
Yeah, see that HUGE thing?! Hahaha. We played LPT Christmas Jeopardy ala Christi. Might I add that I kicked ASS and Mas won! GO MAS! We played charades but we lost. Ours was defintely WAY WAY too easy. LOL. Then we opened presents and I got Burberry Brit from my secret Santa, Mai Yang. Thanks MY! Lurve Ya!


  1. Hi Yang Mee! I can't find your "Follow" button. :(