Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Whaa...I have been lazy and didn't feel like blogging. Good god, Christmas made me super broke! Oooohweee! Awwwh. Christmas Eve was so damn stressful! I will not blog about what happened becaus though I only have 2 followers if anything were to happen, well, the shit is going to hit the fan.

Anyway, my neices Gao Nou and Gao Hli slept over and I did their hair so pretty on Christmas. We made cookies at my brother Thai's house and then headed over to my brother Hli's house for our Christmas get together.

Gao Nou wanted a flower in her hair but I couldn't find a flowe so I took 2 napkins and put it together. Hey, it was adorable!

Bean Sprouts, Lime
and cilantro/green onion.

Basil, my FAVE

My dish...with slightly burnt cheese. =P

We made pho at my brother's place and I made this pasta dish cause my sister's pho can be inconsistent. She's still trying to figure out what is the best mix of ingredients. I was very vocal about her NOT adding rock sugar this time.

Oh, did I mention that pretty much everyone got a little tipsy, high feeling. Yep. Vodka and beer. Nastiest combination ever.  

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